Together, we CAN make a difference.

Starting with the beach in your backyard.

Our goal is to filter every beach on earth with a high concentration of microplasitc. We provide a simple, low cost solution for restoring beach environments, and we educate the public about the dangers of microplasitc. Get involved! Volunteer. Order a screen and start a clean-up effort in your local area today.

The Danger

Microplastic materials are toxic. They contain chemicals such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and nonylphenols,. When ingested, these tiny plastics have a devastating effect on marine life of all kinds. There are hundreds of millions of tons of fragmented plastics free in the North Pacific marine system alone, and the problem is growing.

Read the Center for Biological Diversity’s report on microplastic pollution in Oregon. Our data, filtration systems, and volunteers contributed to this important local scientific study.

Part of the solution

Our Microplastic Filtration System uses patented, statically charged filtration technology to remove microplastics as small as a grain of sand. It is a carbon neutral, manually operated system that is designed to remediate a beach environment to its pristine state. This groundbreaking technique is making beaches safe for people around the world. Learn more about the system > 

Filtration in action

Volunteers worldwide are using our filtration screens to clean up ocean beaches. And they are making a difference!


Get Involved


Learn about global volunteer efforts and how to start a clean-up effort in your local area.

Watch “Filtering a Plastic Ocean”

From North Shore Productions, “Filtering A Plastic Ocean” profiles ocean activist Marc Ward and his simple invention that removes toxic microplastics from the beach, and therefore the ocean.

“Filtering A Plastic Ocean” premiered at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in January 2016. Produced and directed by Rory Banyard at North Shore Productions, Inc., in Portland, Oregon.

Thank you.

Volunteers worldwide are using static charge filtration screens to clean up ocean beaches.

Every red dot represents a team of microplastic filtration volunteers. Zoom in and explore the map. Turn on the aerial photo (button upper left) to view the beaches people care about. Click on a red dot and learn who to thank for their efforts. And get involved! Together we can make a difference.

Order a screen and start a clean-up team today.